How to Make Guyanese Fried Rice


When a person is looking for something interesting and exotic they can try Guyana fried rice. This rice has an exotic taste . There is an easy recipe for Guyanese fried rice.
Guyanese Rice Recipes
2 cup white rice
¼ tsp five spice power
1 can corn
1 chopped carrot
1 bundle bora chopped
3 cups hot water
3 tsp pepper
2tsp fried rice reasoning
3tbs green seasoning
¼ cup Chinese sauce
3tbs butter
½ cup oil

Mix the rice, rice seasoning, salt, pepper, five spice powder, and Chinese sauce. Put the oil and butter into a wok. Add the rice and cook for 10 minutes. Add the hot water and allow the rice to cook until the water is absorbed.
In another pan hear the oil, carrot, bora, and corn. Cook until tender. Add the rice. Serve this while it is hot. It makes a great side dish.
This rice has a lot of flavor and will add some spice to dinner.